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Property Management Services

We are full service Property Management company.

Jesse McCue is a Principal in charge of Property Management division of M2K Partners.
He has graduated from Palm Beach Atlantic University and then received his MBA from Lynn University in Boca Raton, FL. Jesse specializes in facilities maintenance and contract management, and is experienced in government procurement projects at both the state and federal level. His team currently manages over 2,000 rental units.

We handle every aspect of managing your mobile home community from maintenance, to collecting rent, to filling vacancies, and MORE.

We are hands on, inspecting your property every week to look for potential problems or concerns.

We handle tenants for you, and can even help you sell the property when the time is right.

We operate under a strong business code based on ethics, values, and best practices for the industry.

Our business integrity allows our clients and tenants to be confident that they are working with a company that they can trust.

Call us for a FREE consultation TODAY at 833-647-8326!


As a Gift we will send you  “10 Tips on How to Increase Your Community Market Value" report!

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