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Our Deal Criteria

M2K Partners investment goals:​

  • Acquire 600 spaces by 2022 with continued acquisition growth thereafter!

M2K Partners deal criteria:

Preferred markets:

  • North East (New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia);

  • South East (North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Virginia, West Virginia, Alabama, Florida);

  • Mid-South (Tennessee, Kentucky);

  • Mid-West (Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, South Dakota).

 Property Criteria: 

  • 40-200 spaces (will consider larger).

  • City water/sewer preferred, but not required. NO lagoons! Underwriting guidelines.

  • Economically strong location. 

  • Identified upside potential (i.e.; rent increase, filling vacant homes/lots, lowering expenses, passing through utilities, etc.).

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