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We offer you fair market value and prompt closing

Welcome To M2K Partners

M2K Partners is purchasing manufactured home communities from private owners, just like yourself, who might be looking to retire from day-to-day park operations and enjoy time on their own terms.​ We are not looking to turn parks “around”, but improve on existing practices, inventory and infrastructure in best possible way while preserving your legacy and pride of small business ownership!

Why are we different?

At M2K Partners, we have great respect for all the hard work you, as an owner, put into the park and welcome your advice. Just like you, we are passionate about our work and take pride in our business. So, come and visit your park a few months later and see for yourself how well we take care of your tenants and the community!

Our Team


Matt Boettinger


More than 20 years of experience in Consulting, Remote Management, Process Management and Business Intelligence.  Active partner in mobile home parks totaling 200+ spaces in FL and AL. In charge of the Georgia Real Estate Investor's Association (GaREIA) Commercial Real Estate Group.  GaREIA is the oldest association of real estate investors in Georgia.


Ekaterina Stepanova


Over 12 years of international experience in Advertising, Production, Project Management and Operations as a part of Ogilvy, BBDO, Columbia Artists, Citigroup. 11 years of successful residential real estate investing experience.

Nick's pic.png

Nick Villanueva

Principal/Marketing & Investor Relations

Successful background in Sales & Marketing. Currently the Managing Director and broker of a Los Angeles based real estate firm that focuses primarily with real estate investors. Over 18 years experience as a real estate investor in SFR's, multifamily residential buildings, raw land, commercial/industrial real estate and mobile home parks in CA, AZ, FL, NC & MI. 


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